2. A multiple-choice test contains 10 questions. There are four possible answers for each question lo how many ways can a student answer the questions on the test if the student answers every question? the test if the studest

Accepted Solution

Answer:The number of ways are 1,048,576.Step-by-step explanation:Consider the provided information.Product rule: If one event occurs in n contexts and the second event occurs in m contexts, then the number of ways in which the two events happen is nΓ—m.There are 10 questions and each question has 4 choices.Therefore, for first question we have 4 choices, for second question we have 4 choices similarly for 10th question we have 4 choices which can be represented as:4Γ—4Γ—4Γ—4Γ—4Γ—4Γ—4Γ—4Γ—4Γ—4 = [tex]4^{10}[/tex]4Γ—4Γ—4Γ—4Γ—4Γ—4Γ—4Γ—4Γ—4Γ—4 = 1048576Thus, the number of ways are 1,048,576.