-3/4x>12 solve for x​

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]\Huge\boxed{\mathsf{\rightarrow X<-16}}[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:[tex]\Large\boxed{\mathsf{SUBJECT: MATH}}[/tex]Isolate x on one side of the equation.Find the value of x.First, multiply -1 from both sides.(-3/4x)(-1)<12(-1)Solve.12(-1)=-123/4x<-12Next, multiply 4 from both sides.4*3/4x<4(-12)Solve.Multiply the numbers from left to right.4(-12)=-483x<-48Then, divide by 3 from both sides.3x/3<-48/3Solve.Divide the numbers from left to right.-48/3=-16X<-16[tex]\Large\boxed{\Rightarrow \mathsf{X<-16}}}[/tex]The correct answer is x<-16.