8 A video game that usually costs $50 is on sale for $32.50What percent of the regular price is the discount?​

Accepted Solution

The video game is on 35% discount.Step-by-step explanation:Cost of video game = $50Price on sale = $32.50Amount of discount = Original price - price on sale[tex]Amount\ on\ discount = 50-32.50\\Amount\ on\ discount= \$17.5[/tex]Percentage = [tex]\frac{Dicount\ Price}{Original\ Price}*100[/tex][tex]Percentage=\frac{17.5}{50}*100\\Percentage=\frac{1750}{50}\\Percenatge=35\%[/tex]The video game is on 35% discount.Keywords: PercentageLearn more about percentages at:brainly.com/question/10364988brainly.com/question/10435816#LearnwithBrainly