Brock exercises every day. The function E = 15m + 5 represents the number of sit-ups he can do in m minutes. After drinking a new sports drink to stay hydrated, he finds that he can increase the number of sit-ups per minute by a factor of 3, represented by the function S = 3E. Which function represents the number of sit-ups he can do after drinking the sports drink?Answer: S = 45m + 15

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]S=45m+15[/tex] Step-by-step explanation:we haveE------>the number of sit-upsm---->  the time in minutesS----> the number of sit-ups after drinking the sports drink[tex]E=15m+5[/tex] ----> equation A[tex]S=3E[/tex] ----> equation Bsubstitute the equation A in the equation B[tex]S=3(15m+5)[/tex] [tex]S=45m+15[/tex]