I am somewhat confused with this question, and I need explanation on what the answer is. Does anybody know and is in order to help me with it?

Accepted Solution

Answer: Β  AP is not congruent to PBStep-by-step explanation:If CP were a perpendicular bisector of AB, a couple of conditions would be true:CP would be perpendicular to AB (which it is)CP would bisect AB (which it does not)If CP were to bisect AB, then point P would be the midpoint of AB, and you would have AP β‰… PB. Segments marked congruent in the diagram would include both AP and PB. (If CP were also perpendicular to AB, then C would be equidistant from A and B.)__The fact that CP is congruent to PB has no meaning in this context. It is only marked that way for the purpose of creating confusion.