Mrs. Daly's reading classes were surveyed about their reading preferences. The data is summarized in the table below.9th graders who prefer fiction- 359th graders who prefer nonfiction- 8 total of 9th graders- 4310th graders who prefer fiction- 5210th grader who prefer nonfiction- 12total of 10th graders-64total of students who prefer fiction-87total of student who prefer nonfiction-20total of students- 107Given that a student prefers fiction novels, what is the probability that they are also in 10th grade based on this data? Write your answer as a decimal rounded to the nearest hundredth.

Accepted Solution

Count the total number of students who prefer fiction novels: In 9th grade there are 35, in 10th grade there are 52, so there are 87 students who prefer fictions. The proportion of 10th grade students out of these 87 students is 52/87=0.60 approximately.