Which expression represents the total surface area, in square centimeters, of the square pyramid?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Total area = (8.2)(8.2) + 4[1/2(8.2) (10.3)]Step-by-step explanation:From figure we can see a square pyramid with base edge 8.2 and slant height 10.3Points to rememberTotal area of square pyramid = Base area + Lateral face areaLateral face area = 4 * One face areaTo find the lateral face areaThe face is like a triangle with base 8.2 and slant height = 10.3Area of triangle = bh/2Face area = 1/2(8.2) (10.3)Lateral surface area = 4[1/2(8.2) (10.3)]To find the base areBase is a square with base edge = 8.2Base area = side * side = (8.2)(8.2)To find the total area of pyramidTotal area = Base area + Lateral face areaTotal area = (8.2)(8.2) + 4[1/2(8.2) (10.3)]Therefore the correct answer is first option